Fira – Oia

Overview: the path is about 5.5 km, and takes to complete from one to two hours depending on stops that are made to rest and take photos. It is important to wear sunglasses, hat, sneakers, sunscreen and water.

Here you have a link where you can see the route on a map with detailed photos: See route

The route starts at the beautiful church of Elias Profitis in Fira. Thanks to an impressive 360 degree view, this is an amazing place for photos and a good opportunity to rest in the shade of pine trees, after the street that comes from Fira.

There, you’ll find a big rock that is the way towards Oia. The rest of the way will be pretty rocky, but also cooler as you walk in the shadow of the mountain. On the left, you will find a million opportunities to take photos of the blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

Further afield, the road becomes smoother. Later, the path is interrupted by some buildings, do not worry, the trip is not over. All you have to do is walk on the road for about 400 meters to find a coffee shop that sells soft drinks, food and water. Behind the coffee shop, the road begins again. Do not make the mistake of following the road, because you’ll lose the wonderful route through the spine of the mountain.

You’ll get to a small white church called Stavros, this is a good time to rest and take pictures. Before leaving the church, you can follow a small path leading to a red hill with a bunch of rocks on top of it. The view from there is magnificent.

The final route is dressed in white. The volcanic ash that covers the path and the white rocks on the right create a lunar landscape. After the white road, the journey is over, but then begins another chapter about landscape photography: Oia.

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